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IndeedTeach's idea germinated from a problem faced by a simpleton in the north-eastern part of India who brought like-minded people together and finally it culminated into a product which is dedicated to help the Educational Institues and Educators on some well researched and identified areas.

While much is said about the employbility of the end product of many schools and colleges but little are these insitutes doing to resolve it. The institues are banking too much on their T&P cell and other sources for Projects, Internships & Final Placements Opportunites but they have their limitations. Most Institutes are failing to grab attention from an aspirant despite the demand for some reasons.

Educators on the other hand have thier own problems. During the course of their professional career they aspire to change jobs but before an offer materializes, they have to face the cumbersome process of scanning through various sources for a number of days, weeks may be, who knows even months if the skills are as niche as ‘Educator’. It becomes very challenging to manage a job along with a job hunt, which in itself is a job, and a wrong decision lands people into career shattering mistakes at times.

Similarly, there are many other gaps and areas of dis-satisfaction faced by Educators & Educational Institutes which have been identified and the resolution of all the above problems and many more led to IndeedTeach.

An EDUCATOR here means any teacher, tutor, instructor, pedagogue, school-teacher, headmaster, master, mistress, coach, trainer; lecturer, professor, fellow, reader, academic, guide, mentor, guru, counsellor and admin & non-teaching staffs.

Services to INSTITUTES

  • A dedicated and cost effective platform to display all recruitment and advertisement for full-time and part time jobs.

  • Providing leads to meet their targets of Projects, Internships, Final Placements and Guest Lecturers.

  • Advice and assistance to manage the career page of their websites and help with employer Branding initiatives.

  • A database of Educators to choose from to meet their hiring needs.

Services to EDUCATORS

  • An integrated platform dedicated for Educators to display their job (full time/part time) requirements. It will also showcase the latest trends & News events, blogs and articles related to Education Industry.

  • Provide leads to pursue an alternative source of income or alternative career opportunities.

  • A platform to connect and network with likeminded people and professionals for guidance and counsel.

  • Display their innovative teaching styles, materials, blogs at 'Pay per click' model or Free.

  • Benchmarking of their Salaries against the Industry.

  • Opportunities to devote spare time for some social cause.

  • E-mailers suggesting and displaying Jobs & information as per their preferred Institutes and Locations.


  • Focus on ‘Teaching Jobs’ is clearly missing.

  • While jobs for Teachers are displayed on various portals, jobs for other Educators like coach, mentor, trainers are further scattered or not covered at all, making the uncovered number of jobs for this sector even higher.

  • Many jobs from better & reputed institutes are only displayed on their websites which due to lack of reach & proper advertisement remains open for very long period of time.

  • Newspaper advertisement model is expensive and the life of an ad is just one day.

  • Institutions are not leveraging on Employer Branding, which has now become part of recruitment, and therefore missing out opportunities to attract good talent in this highly competitive market.

  • Websites as mentioned above have identified that there is a huge gap in this sector and they are encashing on the opportunities provided hitherto. Many teaching professionals are now accessible to internet/smartphones which is increasing with time.

  • Presence of websites or job portals catering to other focused areas are a success, eg. www.iimjobs.com catering to premier B-school pass-outs only.

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